Ask Lynne!


Well, Sissy is a pretty nice guy. I think that if he hated you, he wouldn't have kept saving you, or Jowd, or anyone.

Dear chicken-in-a-basket,

…Yeah, I guess you’re right.

I shouldn’t worry about this! The least I could do to help Sissel is stop being a burden and avoid getting killed again.

(“Sissy”, huh? Has a nice ring to it.)

Must be fun having a friend ;3; Well, I suppose that insinuates that I don't have any, and I've got my ghost after all. I guess you could say you and I are sisters!

Dear chicken-in-a-basket,

W-Well… I consider him as a friend, alright.

…but just between you and me, I can’t help but wonder if he thinks of me as his friend. Because I…

I shot him… didn’t I…? Even though I couldn’t remember it happening at all!

(( Hi, Lynne! I'm the admin of the askyomiel blog. I have linked you in my "others GT-Ask" page~ [askyomieltumblrcom/othergtask] lllllove your blog, even if Lynne isn't my favourite... Ehm. ))

((A-Ah, thank you!!

I need to stop being a scaredy-cat and try and talk to the other GT roleplayers ;u;

Lynne isn’t really my top favorite but I just feel she’s easier to RP as, hehe))

Dear Future Lynne, Does that black cat, Sissel, ever act strangely human at times? He strikes me as one unusual kitten... I think you ought to pay close attention to the guy. I mean, to the cat.


Dear Anonymous,

Now that you mention it, I usually catch him going through my books after he knocks them off the shelves. He actually looks like he’s reading them. He flips the pages and purrs and everything! Does that count as strange, because I don’t think it is. Actually…

I think it’s kind of cute!

Ahh, I see. So you and Sissel share a profound bond...

Dear chicken-in-a-basket,

I guess you could say that?

It’s only been a few hours since we met, but I greatly trust him.

Detective Lynne - how can you possibly stand that dog, Missile?! He's so obnoxiously happy, it's just... horrible! How can you possibly stand him? I, personally, don't like your dog. I hate him. Sincerely, Majora.

Dear Majora,

There are times that I would find it hard to keep up with his attitude, but that’s how Missile is!

There’s nothing wrong with being happy, right? No matter how obnoxious it may seem, I think it’s better than seeing him angry.

Oh? I figured it was pretty obvious. I mean, he's saved your life at least 3 times, just like a handsome prince come to rescue a princess! Anyone would fall for him. I don't blame you.

Dear chicken-in-a-basket,

T-That may be true, but I…

Of course I like him, but not in that way…

Well, I've got pretty poor tastes. The fact that he's very... handsome for some reason might have something to do with it. But seriously! For some reason, I've developed a sad little crush on a dead guy. Got any advice? I mean, you must have a crush on Sissel.

Dear chicken-in-a-basket,

You think he’s handsome? Really? I still fail to see… oh, never mind.

Seems like you really like him, so I’ll try and help out.

If the idea of having a crush on a dead guy troubles you, then I think it’s best that you forget about him. The more you think about it, the more it will frustrate you. But if it’s not possible to forget him, then you just have to accept that he’s dead.

For now, stop thinking about “what’s wrong with him” but ask yourself why you like him in the first place and—

Hey! I-I do not have a crush on Sissel! W-What makes you think that!?

But you see Lynne there's a problem.. because Yomiel is... is.... the man from that day ten years ago!!

Dear chicken-in-a-basket,

W-What!? Ten years ago?

You mean he’s… he’s been dead for ten years!?

…Wait a minute… That man? The man from the park?

I’m sorry, but I just can’t see how you could possibly like this guy!

H-hey Lynne? Um... I've got a question. Well, I need some advice. What do you do if you have a crush on someone but that person has 0 sex drive because they're DEAD? B-Because I might have a crush on Yomiel, but I dunno what to dooooo!

Dear chicken-in-a-basket,

They’re DEAD!?

I-I don’t think there’s anything you can do. I mean, they’re already dead, after all. Are you suggesting that I should go ask Sissel for his help and “revive” this person?

…And am I supposed to take it that I know this Yomiel person? Because I certainly don’t remember…

Um, anyway, good luck!